Get Angry

I work best when I am angry.  Not angry in the “violent rage” sense of the word, but passionate angry.  An anger that sources its power in the everyday fight for peace, prosperity, and justice.  Specifically, it was an anger sourced in the hate and prejudice that is heaped upon minority groups by those in positions of power.

For many years my work as a lawyer took me up and down the country representing oppressed Maori groups.  I lived and breathed the horrendous history of my clients and their ancestors.  My passion for the job was immense.  Their anger and pain derived from the wrongs committed against them drove my passion.  I was, for lack of a better word, inspired.

Eventually that anger and passion drove me to a breaking point.  I quit the law and sought solace in a calmer environment.  I remained working with Maori groups, but this time with those who had addressed their past wrongs with the Government and were working hard to build a better future for their members.  I was inspired by the positivity of the work, and I had room to breathe again.

One year on and I found myself drifting along.  The passion had all but gone, replaced by the day to day minutiae that comes with advising businesses.  My work was good – but it was not great.  The anger had subsided and I felt normal.  Like just another office worker in a world full of them.

But if you are reading this then you, like me, aspire to be someone greater than normal.  We have an opportunity to use our skills to take this world to a higher place.  Every day that we drift is a day wasted.  The world is already an amazing place.  We are on a constant path towards peace and prosperity, so why be someone who sits on the side lines and watches the world go round?  Get out there and do something. Do something so epic that they will talk about it for a day.  Hell, do something so epic they talk about it for generations.

Find what makes you angry. Passionate angry.  Stop thinking that anger is a negative emotion.  When it is harnessed for good, anger is as positive as any other emotion.  It can create a drive within you that is unstoppable.  My mistake last year was letting that anger consume me.  What stated as a positive energy had morphed into an emotional sink hole.  When we learn to control our anger, we can use it to create positive change.  I found a new source for my passionate anger.  An anger sourced in the positive fight for the economic, social, and cultural development of Maori.

Channel your anger into your work and watch shift happen.  Embrace your anger.  Harness your anger.  Direct your anger.  Love your anger.

Get angry!