Haunting.  Harrowing.  Powerful.  Great storytelling has the power to change the world.  Great storytelling tells the stories we need to hear.  Great storytelling tells the stories buried under layers of corruption and cover ups. Stories hidden not just by the indifference of good men, but by the abject negligence of evil men who believe, in their heart of hearts, that they are good men.  Stories that bring tears to your eyes.  Stories that move you to action. Stories that rip apart the fabric of a cruel and unjust society.  Stories that simply demand to be told.

I emerged from the movie theatre in a state of shock.  I knew the story, but I did not know the story.  London presented itself to me tonight, cold and empty, as if the City sensed my mood and was reflecting it back to me.  The Universe had other ideas.  It fought back against the City and provided the warm embrace that my soul was crying out for.  I have retreated to my happy place, the basement cafe that presents an oasis of calm against the chaos of the Circus outside.  Enjoying the ambiance, watching the flicker of the candle, its shadow lighting the pages of my journal, soothing myself in the comforting sounds of jazz that fill the room.  I cast my eye towards the rose laid out in front of me, that symbol of human generosity, and return to finishing the story that I need to tell.  Are you doing the same?