New Beginnings

And so it ends.  Four months of travel.  Four months of exploration.  Four months of closing doors.  Four months of unemployment.  Funemployment as A lovingly referred to it.  #MiniSabbatical2016 to my twitter followers.  What started out as a desperate need to de-stress and recharge my batteries turned into a fundamental reset.  From Whakatane to London.  From academia to aspiring novelist.  From writer to creative.  I had time to breathe.  To think.  To process.  Free from the 9-5.  Free from the endless fight for justice.  It was liberating.  It was selfish.  It was elitist.  It was necessary.  Now, back to work.  Two new jobs.  My new day job: finance manager for a tech startup based in London.  Planning world domination.  My new night job:  Writer.  Novelist.  Explorer of dreams.

It’s 2am.  I cannot sleep.  The only light in East London tonight is from the laptop open in front of me.  The only sound is the tinkering of keys.  And Ke$ha.  I am writing.  But the writing is dark.  Black dog dark.  The music lifts the spirits.  Re-centers me.  I am writing my story.  Well, a version of it.  Part wish fulfillment.  Part horror story.  My nightmares in literature.  A story no longer being lived.  #MiniSabbatical2016 closed that door.  Closed the door on past relationships.  Closed the door on past employment disputes.  Closed the door on my LLM.  New doors always open.  You just have to be prepared to close those doors that you have kept open for too long.  Be brave.  Live.