A Time To Rest

I have a love/hate relationship with holidays.  I love travelling.  Exploring new places.  The adventure and excitement of being out in the real world.  Visiting the cities of my dreams.  Seeing the history I had read about in my youth.  Experiencing a lifestyle that very few people from New Zealand get to.  But time off, that is a different story.  Endless hours sitting at home doing nothing.  Days lost to inactivity.  That I do not enjoy.  Life is meant to be lived.  Every moment of it.  I have two modes:  work and travel.

And yet, that is precisely what I set out to do this Christmas period.  10 days off work.  Home bound.  Grand plans to be a tourist in London abandoned in favour of the quiet life.  The relaxing life.  Days spent watching Netflix.  Eating junk food.  Spending time with friends.  Avoiding the gym.  Reading.  No quick getaway to Europe.  No grand escape to a tropical island.  No last minute trip around the world to visit family.  A proper staycation.

2016 was one hell of a year.  I’ll write about that next.  As I get older, more and more I come to appreciate the joy of and, frankly, the need for, a decent rest every now and again.  A break from this frantic, hectic, exhilarating life.  As I prepare to return to work tomorrow, I am thankful for this break.  I feel refreshed.  Ready to go.  Ready to crush my goals – personal and professional.  Ready to take on the world again.